Extra Quality Develop Team

Who we are?

We are free software, game and web developers. All, what we can show you, you can find via our menu on the top.

We have a lot of experience in C#, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and some other.

We worked with Unity, MS Visual Studio 2010-2015, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Codeblocks, GIMP, Audacity, Pencil, a few experince with AutoDesk Maya, Blender and some other. Also we are goot at MS Office.

Are you need anything? Ask us on about page!

Our Projects

We have some projects here.

  • SkyOn - free The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim modification, based on ScriptDragon, wrtitten on C++ with Boost libs and RakNet
  • oziMAX - free messenger for .Net in modern MetroUI design, supports animated smiling, file transfering and voice chat
  • Extra Save System - Unity plugin, uses BinarySerialization and Reflecion to save your any values and properties of the game(Can save anything w/o programming, demo included)
  • Extra Dialog System - Unity plugin, which allows you to make your own dialog trees with GUI, w/o scripting and with easy Node-based editor. Now this project is on the pause. Source included.
  • ModTK - Unity plugin, Modding toolkit, allows you to create DLCs and mods for your game. Allows custom scripts.
  • UUF - Universal Unity Format, alternative to the Unity AssetBundles. Used by ModTK to save resources.
  • VirtualKBoard - Unity plugin, allows to map your keys in the game, change layout. Source included.
  • In-Game Notify System - Unity plugin, allows you to make custom notifications with UI, like in TESV:Skyrim or Fallout. You can animate them, their transparency and add custom events. Open source.
  • DevConsole Util - Unity plugin, allows you to make your own developer console for your game. You can register your own funcs for it. Source included.
  • Messary - VK messenger for Windows Phone 8.1. Has nice animations and no more now.
  • VKExtract - DotNet app, which allows you to backup your messaging history to your PC. Saves dialogs to the HTML files with resources.