What is this?

oziMAX is a free messenger on dotNet platform, supporting voice chat, written on C# using IDE Visual Studoi 2015.

oziMAX has modern ui, styled as Metro. Also, it is fast. And free.

oziMAX allows smiling, file transfering, text chating and voice chating. Also you can dynamically change the font size and clear chat.

Attantion! oziMAX is deprecated! You can use it just for fun, this project no more supported and migrated to eMess project to become a new more powerful platform.




oziMAX after starting, goes to the tray:

oziMAX can be used for chatting via local net(via Internet is not possible, UDP packets cannot be transfered across the router). It can utomatically find other clients in local network, suuports broadcasting and direct connection:

Also, as we can see, we can change codec of sound, input device, direct ip, listening and connection port, color of outgoing messages, our nickname, and even theme and accent, broadcasting, list of local mail group and autostarting with Windows. Oh, yea, it also suuports smiles with animations, and on the screen above we can see the database of registered smiles. And on the screenshot below we can see it in the action:

Here, you can see, how you can call and receive calls, thus, below you can see requset from User for u:

And when you declined call, user will get this: