Virtual KBoard

What is this?

Virtual KBoard is a simple keymapper Unity plugin, which allows you to bind keys and get them by name.

Demo scene includes a virtual keyboard layout-menu, where you can rebind keys by clickeng and pressing another key.

In the game you can get them using VKBoard.GetKey("keyname"). And you will get a VKey struct:"


int id; // id of the key

string name; // name of the key

KeyCode code; // key code of the key

KeyCode lastCode; // not used : tried to use for history, but...


And now you can use it:

KeyCode hotkey = VKBoard.GetKey("hotkey name").code;

And for input:





You can discover the demo scene.

If you want download it, notice, that you need to move "Streaming Assets" folder of asset to the root of your project("Assets" folder), because it contains ready keyboard layout and settings.

It`s free, so you can download it here, of from Unity AssetStore. Its deprecated.

Download is unavailable


Pure server view:

Screenshot of implementing one of SKSE functions with ScriptDragon:

Here`s a video demonstration of SkyOn testing.